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Mictrack has compiled some commonly raised questions and categorized them into three — General, Hardware, and Software. Browse through these sections to answer your inquiries and provide you with more information about the products. If you have unanswered questions left, please click here to contact us.


Which GPS Trackers are better for me, 4G, Cat M1 or NB-IoT?
Based on your local network coverage. Generally speaking, 4G Network coverage is better but the power consumption is higher also, so the battery life is shorter. The CAT M1 and NB-IoT network has no full coverage in Global(but most of the world is now covered, especially North America, Australia Europe), but the power consumption is lowest (compare to 2G/3G/4G).
How to know if the CAT M1 or NB-IoT has been commercially launched in my region?
Click here to check.
How to integrate with Mictrack tracking devices, is it possible?
Sure, the protocol is open and easy to integrate with any third platform. After that, the device will report to your server directly and will not forwarded via our platform. Click here to download the protocol.
I want to let the tracker report to my server, how to change it?
You can send the text command to change it: #804#0000#IP#Port##
Which third-party platforms are currently supported?
It supports Gurtam, Flespi, Traccar, GPSWOX, Navixy, GPS-server, etc. Click here to know more detail.
Do you have any monthly fees?
If using your own server or a third-party platform, NO Monthly fee.
If want to use our platform, the cost is $10/year/pcs and $20/lifetime/pcs.
Does the GPS Tracker include the sim card?
The sim card is not included. You should get the correct sim card from the local mobile operator. For the sim card Spec please check here to get more.
How to Calculate Battery Voltage into Percentage for MT700?
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How To Install Asset Tracking Device MT700
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When the MT700 comes out of deep sleep mode(Mode 3), how long will it stay on before going back into deep sleep mode?
It’s about 3 minutes. There will be a 3 minutes window period after waking up and reporting the GPS data to the server successfully, during this time the device will wait if the server will send the downlink commands.
if the no downlink commands within 3 minutes the tracker will go to deep sleep again.
If possible to support the External GPS antenna?
Yes, but need to modify the hardware and customize the housing to connect the external GPS antenna, if so the internal GPS antennas will be disabled, so you can only choose internal or external.
How To Choose the Battery for Asset GPS Tracker MT700?
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What is the Screws Specifications of MT700?
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We want to send the data to our own external server. If so, which protocols are supported?
Our tracking devices support TCP/UDP.
How to Translate Latitude/Longitude to Decimal Degrees
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How to Config Network or Bands for MT700?
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How the Checksum is Calculated?
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How to Setup MT700 via USB Config Tool
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