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How To Choose the Battery for Asset GPS Tracker MT700

MT700 supports two battery types, one is rechargeable batteries and the other is Non-rechargeable batteries. I will introduce the differences between different batteries, then you can choose one of the battery solutions as your requirements.

Rechargeable Batteries

Battery Specification:

Mictrack 18650-3P 7800mAh 3.7V

Rechargeable battery installation 

  • Insert backup battery(image 1) to MT700’s battery connector (image 2).
  • Make sure the internal Toggle Switch to RIGHT.
  • Close the MT700’s back cover and lock the screws.

Note: Rechargeable (standard) version will include the 7800mAh batteries.

Non-rechargeable Batteries

Batteries Recommendation

  • Battery Type: Lithium Iron Disulfide (LiFeSO2) 3 x AA 1.5V cell batteries;
  • Brand: Energizer Ultimate L91 AA 1.5V.
  • Quantity: 3PCS (single-cell 3400mAh)

Non-rechargeable Batteries Installation

  • Please purchase the batteries local(as the above recommendation)
  • Open battery holder(image 3 )
  • Insert “LiFeSO2 3 x AA 1.5V cell batteries” (image 4) to battery holder
  • Close the battery holder’s back cover.
  • Make sure the internal Toggle Switch to LEFT
  • Insert battery holder to the MT700’s battery connector (image 5)
  • Close the MT700’s back cover and lock the screws

Note: The non-rechargeable version will include a battery holder only, the customers need to buy the battery local as the recommended brand or specification.  

Batteries Pros & Cons

Rechargeable Batteries

  • Pros:
    • Repeatedly rechargeable
    • Can be used for short interval real-time tracking(such as 10 seconds);
    • Do not need to purchase a separate battery
    • Do not need to remove the device’s back cover.
  • Cons:
    • Self-discharge is fast, it should be changed every 12 months at least, or the battery may not work because of the over-discharged.
    • It is inconvenient to replace the battery (need to buy from a supplier);
    • The high and low-temperature range is lower than Non-recharge batteries.
    • Safety performance is lower than the Non-recharge batteries.

Non-Rechargeable Batteries

  • Pros:
    • Self-discharge is low and can be stored for more than 20 years.
    • Higher safety performance.
    • High and low temperature is higher than the rechargeable batteries.
    • Easy to replace the batteries (easy to buy from local supermarkets).
    • For customers who require long standby time, it is recommended to use Non-recharge batteries.
  • Cons:
    • Not suitable for real-time tracking (the battery will drain fast);
    • Can not rechargeable;
    • Customers need to purchase batteries separately;
    • Need to remove the tracker’s back cover to install the battery.


There is a Toggle Switch in the internal(following image). Please carefully operate it.

  • If you use Non-rechargeable batteries, Make sure to Toggle Switch to LEFT;
  • If you use chargeable batteries, Make sure to Toggle the Switch to the RIGHT;
  • REVERSE IS FORBIDDEN, Could Result in Fire or Explosion.


Before using this device, the customers should fully understand their usage scenarios and installation environment. Mictrack will not be held responsible for any losses caused by using the devices in the wrong scenario or reporting rate. It is highly recommended that users should contact Mictrack before deployment. We are glad to give you the suggestions.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mictrack.com


Updated on June 13, 2023

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