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How to Extend Your MT700’s Battery Life for Few Years

We offer several variants of the MT700, such as the MT700, MT700-W, MT700-NW, and MT700-N. The MT700 and MT700-W support rechargeable batteries, while the MT700-N and MT700-NW support non-rechargeable batteries. If you want a few years of battery life, we recommend the MT700-N and MT700-NW versions as the best option.

Although MT700-N/MT700-NW has a design lifespan of up to 8 years, this evaluation is based on a reporting interval of 24 hours under MODE 3. Since the device supports multiple working modes, it is very important to choose and set the appropriate working mode in practical applications. Otherwise, it may cause higher power consumption, which will deviate from our expectations. Based on our testing experience and battery manufacturer’s recommendations, we suggest the following for requirements that demand a device lifespan of 3 years or more.

Avoid using Real-time Mode

As Energizer’s engineers said the L91 batteries are not recommended for real-time usage because the working voltage range of single battery is from 1.6V to 1.2V and is unlike that of rechargeable batteries.

If the device is in realtime mode for an extended period, and the battery is at a high level at a particular instant, it may not be able to regain its voltage after being pulled down due to high power consumption, especially when networking or transmitting data. 

This condition can cause the device to become inoperable. However, If the device operates for a relatively long time, it ensures the battery life is relatively lengthy, even if there is high power consumption at a specific instant.

Considering battery life, we Strongly recommend using MODE 3 or MODE 7

Battery Consistency

Furthermore, it is also advisable to follow the recommendation from the battery supplier to purchase batteries from the same batch to ensure the consistency of the voltage of each individual battery. It is also not recommended to mix old and new batteries as it can seriously affect the overall lifespan when three batteries are connected in series.

Anti-theft Operation

In the event of asset loss, you can send a command during the wake-up window after setting MODE 3 (or MODE 7), such as LOCK MODE or MODE 1 (real-time mode).

Updated on April 25, 2023

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