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How to Translate Latitude/Longitude to Decimal Degrees

If you use the Mictrack tracking device and also meet the Latitude/Longitude convert issue and this post will help you understand how it works.

GPS Data Format

#<Base ID><Message ID>,<UTC time>,<Status>,<Latitude>,<N/S Indicator>, <Longitude>,<E/W Indicator>,<Speed Over Ground>,<Course Over Ground>,<Date>,,,<Checksum>,[CR][LF]##

Data Format Examples


Data Foramt Description

IMEI863835023427631IMEI (15 digits)
AMT600GPRS user name
B0000GPRS user password
CAUTOEvent Status
D1Upload data quantity
<CR><LF>End of message termination
Base ID262c0f48(2G network)
a52d15e5803(3G/4G Network)
LAC+CI (Hex)
Message ID$GPRMCRMC Protocol header
UTC time094632.00hhmmss.ss 
GPS StatusAA=valid,V=invalid
N/S IndicatorNN=north or S=south
E/W IndicatorEE=east or W=west
Speed Over Ground0.07knots
Course Over Ground309.62degrees
<CR><LF>End of message termination

Conversion to Decimal

The GPS raw date the latitude/longitude format is:

Latitude: ddmm.mmmm      (example 2220.2468)

Longitude dddmm.mmmm  (example 11408.9073)

Conversion to decimal degrees: decimal degrees=degree+minutes/60

Latitude=dd+(mm.mmmm)/60 =22+20.2468/60=22.337447

Updated on June 15, 2022

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