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How to Connect the MT700 to Vialatm

Mictrack MT700 is compatible with Vialatm and you can get a free account to test it once you get the MT700 devices.

Create Free Account

Add the Device to Your Account

The device shows “offline” because we have not config the device and pointed to traccar server and port (MT700 port is 7731).

Setup the IP & Port on MT700

To access the traccar server and you have to setup as follows

  • Setup APN: 803,apn,, (Please input your actual SIM card APN.)
  • Setup IP and port: 804,onebrella.eu,7731
  • Set network: NWM,3,0,2 (as your actual supported network)
  • Reboot the device: REBOOT
Config the MT700
  • Then make the device outside for 5-10 mins until it is online on traccar.
MT700 online on Vialatm

For the network configuration, you can check this post for detail.

Updated on June 8, 2023

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