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How to integrate MT700 with Your Server

This article will show you how to integrate MT700 with your local cloud server. You also can get the related post on the Help Center.


  • Get Read the MT700 Protocol (click here)
  • Config the MT700 and make sure it works(check the post “how to config MT700“)
  • We suggest setup to mode 1 (default, real-time mode) during the integration. or it may go to sleep and affect the integration progress.

Third-party Platform

We have integrated with some third-party platforms and if you use their server, just need setup the correct port number

The MT700 on the third-party platforms supports TCP only.

Your Own Server

Once you create your own server and get ready to test, make sure the IP and port are correct. If the device report to your server and can’t receive the GPS data please check as follow:

  • Try to disable the firewall
  • Make sure the socket is always connected
  • Make sure the protocol is TCP (MT700 communicates with the server via TCP)

Once your server collected the data correctly, next you can try to parse the data as the protocol.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at info@mictrack.com

Updated on August 23, 2022

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