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How to Setup MT825 via USB Config Tool

MT825 is Cat M1 & NB-IoT GPS Tracker, At first time to use, you have to use the config tool to program the unit, This tutorial will demonstrate how to setup MT825 via Config Tool on PC.


  • Insert the sim card correct (chip face up like the image below).
  • Device power ON (Press SOS button or 3s until green led light)

Make sure SIM Card direction is correct or maybe broken the sim card slot

SIM Card installation

Download Config Tool

  • Click here to download the “MT825_Config_Tool” to your PC;
  • Unzip all of them to the same folder;
Unzip them into the same folder

Please unzip them in same folder, or the commands will be lost on sscom tool

Install GPS Driver

  • Click the “GPS Driver” and install it.

Connect to Tracker

  • Power ON the MT825 and Green LED will be light(if no light maybe the battery is low please charge the device for 30mins.
  • Connect the USB Config Cable between PC and MT825.
USB Config Cable connects to PC
USB Config Cable connects to MT825

Make Sure the White and Black wire direction are correct, or it will not work on the SSCOM tool

Check Com Port

You can open Device Manager (press the Windows button then type ‘device’).

  • Right-click the “Windows Start” ;
  • Select the “Device Manager”;
  • Click “Ports (COM & LPT) and confirm Port number (“USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM15)
Com Port Number

In the image above COM15 disappears when I unplug my USB Config cable, so COM15 is the port I need to choose on sscom tool.

SSCOM tool

  • Open “sscom” tool
  • Select the Comm Port number that shows on “Port (COM & LPT)” (step 1)
  • Choose the BaudRate 115200 (step 2)

The Default BaudRate is 115200, it can’t work at other baudrate.

  • Click “OpenCom” (step 3 in picture)
  • Click “EXT” (step 4 in the picture)
sscom interface of MT825

Send Commands to Tracker

Now you can send the commands to GPS Tracker MT825.

  • Input the correct SIM Card APN and then click “SET APN”
  • Input the IP and Port and then click “IP/Port”
  • Lock network (as your requirement) Select the matched network and click it ;
  • Choose working mode and click it and then the device will save all settings(apn, IP/Port, and working mode) and reboot.
MT825 Config tool video

Commands List

ItemCommand formatExampleReply
APNcmd:apn,apn,,#cmd:apn,nbiot,,#IMEI, apn=Success!
IP/Portcmd:data,IP(domain):Port#cmd:data,, data=Success!
Cat M1 Onlycmd:netlock,2,3,0#cmd:netlock,2,3,0#IMEI, netlock=Success!
NB-IoT Onlycmd:netlock,3,3,1#cmd:netlock,3,3,1#IMEI, netlock=Success!
GSM Onlycmd:netlock,1,1,2#cmd:netlock,1,1,2#IMEI, netlock=Success!
NB-IoT BandNB-IoT B8 cmd:bandlock,0,0,80#
NB-IoT B20 cmd:bandlock,0,0,80000#
NB-IoT B28 cmd:bandlock,0,0,8000000#
IMEI, lockband=success!
Cat M1 BandCat M1 B12 cmd:bandlock,0,800,0#
Cat M1 B20 cmd:bandlock,0,80000,0#
Cat M1 B28 cmd:bandlock,0,8000000,0#
IMEI, lockband=success!
Check Bandscmd:bandlock?cmd:bandlock?IMEI, lockband=…
Mode 0cmd:mode,0,10#cmd:mode,0,10#IMEI, mode=Success!
Mode 1cmd:mode,1,10#cmd:mode,1,10#IMEI, mode=Success!
Mode 5cmd:mode,5,10#cmd:mode,5,10#IMEI, mode=Success!
Mode 6cmd:mode,6,10#cmd:mode,6,10#IMEI, mode=Success!
Mode 7cmd:mode,7,30#cmd:mode,7,30#IMEI, mode=Success!
TCP Protocolcmd:protocol,1,0#cmd:protocol,1,0#IMEI, protocol=success!
UDP Protocolcmd:protocol,0,0#cmd:protocol,0,0#IMEI, protocol=success!
Checek Protocolcmd:protocol?cmd:protocol?IMEI, protocol,1,0#
Read Config infocmd:rconf,1#cmd:rconf,1#867035047590649
rconf=telstra.internet,,,e.trackits.com,7700,6,30,MT825_MICTRACK_B1.08V4.1_20210519,Cat M1
Check sim cardAT+cpin?AT+cpin?OK
Check NetworkAT+QNWINFOAT+QNWINFOCAT-M1″.” 44052″.” LTE BAND 18“ ,5900
MT825 USB config commands list


I can’t find the com port number on sscom tool, what happens?
Make sure the GPS Driver is installed on your PC. If installed and then check if connect the tracker with the USB Config cable.
MT825 Network config commands list?
CAT M1 Only: cmd:netlock,2,3,0#
NB-IoT Only: cmd:netlock,3,3, 1#
GSM Only: cmd:netlock,1,1,2#
AUTO: cmd:netlock,0,0,2#
CAT M1 & GSM: cmd:netlock,2,0,0#
NB-IoT & GSM: cmd:netlock,3,0,1#
CAT M1 & NB-IoT: cmd:netlock,0,3,2#
Updated on April 6, 2023

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