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How to Setup the Home Mode for MT710

Home Mode is one of our newest supported working modes for the MT710, designed specifically for pet tracking. It enables intelligent tracking and maximizes battery life.

Before you can use Home Mode, there are a few settings that need to be adjusted, as detailed below.


  • Insert the SIM card correct and Power ON.
  • GPS and network is available.
  • Make sure the device is connected to the server, so when you send the following command to the MT710, you can ensure it will receive it.

Setup MAC Address & Geo-fence

You can send the command “DEF,30” (for command details, check the command list) to the MT710 via the server. Once the MT710 receives it, the following actions will occur:

  • The MT710 will automatically scan the nearby MAC addresses and select the three MAC addresses with the best signal strength as the Home MAC.
  • The current latitude and longitude will be automatically set as the Home Geo-fence. Please note that for the first use, the device needs to be positioned outside until GPS is available.

Setup Mode 8

Command format: MODE,8, T
For examples: MODE,8,10
Note: When device is indoors it will go to sleep, and when device is outdoors and
continue to move it will report at T interval and T is [10-60] seconds.

“MODE 8” comamnd must be used in conjunction with the “DEF,30” command for Home Mode to be effective.

indoors or outdoors?

Indoor: The MT710 will scan any of the three MAC addresses or detect if the device is inside the Geo-fence.
Outdoor: If the MT710 cannot find any of the three MAC addresses and the device is also outside the Geo-fence.

Regarding reporting:
Indoor: If the device detects that it is at home (indoors), the GPS will not be enabled. The device will go to sleep and will not report any data to the server.
Outdoor: When outdoors, the device will enable the GPS and switch to real-time reporting to the server based on the set interval time.

 For the detailed command description, you can also check the MT710 Commands List.

Updated on May 8, 2024

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