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How to Config the MT700 to NB-IoT network in Italy

The Asset GPS Tracking device MT700 supports the NB-IoT in Italy, this post will show you how to config it to access the NB-IoT network with 1nce sim.


  • Get ready as the Config Guide
  • Get one NB-IoT sim card from our partner 1NCE
  • Insert the SIM Card correct
  • Power ON MT700

1nce SIM Card APN: iot.1nce.net
NB-IoT network: B20 (Vodafone)

Setup on sscom

Send the commands as follow:

Start the command


If no ETS OK click the command again.

Setup APN


Please notice the format and there is no blank or space on the command

Setup IP/Port


If change to your server just input your IP and port, the format is: 804,IP,Port

Lock to NB-IoT Network


Lock to NB-IoT B20




All of above the commands will be valid after rebooting the device.

Connected Network

Access the NB-IoT network on Vodafone B20
Why lock the Network and Bands but still can’t access the network?
The devices access the network at first maybe slow, please wait for it for 3-5 minutes, if still can’t work maybe the NB-IoT network is unavailable (not coverage in your current region, please check again with your sim card or network provider.)
How to check the config info?
Send the command on sscom: RCONF,1
Why the position is not the correct position?
Once access the network please make the device near to the window or outside to get the GPS signal, once GPS is available the green led will solid.

Updated on July 12, 2022

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