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How to Create sub-account on Trackits

If your account is a distributor account and you can create a different account for your customers and now we will show how to operate it on trackits.com

Login Account

  • http://www.trackits.com
  • Input your account name and password to log in (if forget the password please contact us for help)

Create sub-account

  • Once logged in, click the “+” icon and will pop up “Add Customers” interface
  • Input the customer’s name on “Name of Customer” (for example mictrack2022)
  • Input the account login account name “login account”(for example mictrack2022)
  • Input the password (the default password is 123456)
  • Click “Save” will finish the progress.
Create the sub-account
Sub-account was created

Move device to sub-account

  • Choose “Target”
  • Choose the devices you want to move
  • Click “Batch Move”
  • Select the “Target Customers”
  • Click ” Save”
Move device to sub-account
Device was moved to sub-account
Updated on May 29, 2022

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