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How to Upgrade Quectel 4G Module Firmware via USB

This post will show you how to upgrade the Quectel 4G Module EC25 via the USB Tool.


  • Get one “4G Mini PCIe to USB Adapter”.
  • Quectel 4G Module
  • Clips

Please gently insert the 4G module into the PCIe connector.

Download Upgrade Package

  • Click hereto download the “EC25-AFA_Module_Upgrade” to your PC;
  • Unzip all of them to the same folder;
Unzip them into the same folder

Install 4G Module Driver

  • Open “Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver”
  • Click the “setup” and install it.

Connect to PC

  • Insert the 4G Module EC25-AFA to the “PCIe to USB Adapter”;
  • Fix the module with screws or clips;
  • Connect the “PCIe to USB Adapter” to your PC USB Port

Check Com Port

You can open Device Manager (press the Windows button then type ‘device’).

  • Right-click the “Windows Start” ;
  • Select the “Device Manager”;
  • Click “Port (COM & LPT) and Note the DM Port(“Quectel USB DM Port (COM18)”
DM Port

Firmware Upgrade

  • Open “QFlash_V4.10.exe” on the “Qflash_V4.10” folder;
  • Select the DM Port on “COM Port”;

Make Sure DM Port is correct or it may upgrade fail.

  • Click the “Load FW Files” button, choose the firmware folder and select any file under the “update” folder.
  • Click the “Start” button to upgrade the firmware
  • “PASS” will be shown on the interface after the firmware has been successfully
Updated on September 14, 2022

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