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How to Upgrade B2316 Firmware

This article explains how to update the firmware for the B2316 GPS Tracker. If you have any further questions about the B2316 you can visit the Help Center.


  • Please make sure the B2316 battery is enough.
  • Get an Android Phone (iPhone is unavailable)

The upgraded APP only works on Android, so the iPhone is unavailable

Download Upgrade Tool

  • Click here to download the “B2316 Upgrade tool” ;
  • Unzip them and there are two files (see the following image);
Unzip the Upgrade tool
  • Copy the firmware “B2316.MEX.TH22.bin” to your Android Phone;

Install HsTools

  • Install the App “HsTools.apk” to your Android Phone;

Upgrade the firmware

Operate on B2316

  • Click the B2316’s SOS button and switch to the “About” interface and then wait until it shows the IMEI number and then hold the SOS button until shows DFU.

Operate on HSTools

  • Open the tool HsTools on the phone
  • Choose OTA
  • Allow HSTools to Enable Bluetooth
  • Click the “ app” icon on the upper right corner
  • Load the firmware “B2316.MEX.TH22.bin” from your Android phone
  • Click “Start Scan” on HsTools and choose “HS-OTA” and then click ”Start Download” to flashing
  • Wait for 30 seconds until the show “OTA has been successful”.

Confirmware Version

  • Switch to B2316 “About” interface to check the firmware version.
B2316 Upgrade firmware video
Updated on February 7, 2023

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