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How to Setup MT710 via USB Config Tool

MT710 Can be programmed via USB Cable, SMS, and cloud server. This post will show you how to setup your MT710 via the USB Configuration Tool.


  • Get a CAT M1 or NB-IoT SIM Card (Nano SIM)
  • Use a screwdriver to open the MT710 back cover;
  • Insert the sim card into the sim card slot;
  • Close the back cover.

There is a Jumper Cap on the PCB and it default connects to PIN 2 and PIN 3.

Download Config Tool

  • Click hereto download the “MT710_Config_Tool_User_Guide” to your PC;
  • Unzip all of them to the same folder;
Unzip them into the same folder

Please unzip them in the same folder, or the commands will be lost on sscom tool

Install GPS Driver

  • Click the “GPS Driver” and install it.

Connect to Tracker

  • Press the SOS button to Power ON the MT710 and Blue LED will light;
  • Connect USB Config Cable with the USB Charging cable (as following image)
USB Config cable & Charging Cable
  • Connect the USB Config Cable between the PC and MT710
USB Config Cable connects to PC
USB Charging Cable connects to MT710

The MT710 Config cable is customized and not the standard cable on the market. so please make sure to connect the MT710 with the MT710 config cable.

Check Com Port

You can open Device Manager (press the Windows button then type ‘device’).

  • Right-click the “Windows Start” ;
  • Select the “Device Manager”;
  • Click “Port (COM & LPT) and confirm Port number (“USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM15)
Com Port Number
Com Port Number

In the image above COM15 disappears when I unplug my USB Config cable, so COM15 is the port I need to choose on sscom tool.

If Insert the USB Config Cable and show “PL2303HXA PHASED OUT” please check this article to fix it.

SSCOM tool

  • Open “sscom” tool
  • Select the Comm Port number that shows on “Port (COM & LPT)” (step 1)
  • Choose the BaudRate 921600 (step 2)

The Default BaudRate is 921600, it can’t work at other baudrate.

  • Click “OpenCom” (step 3 in picture)
  • Click “EXT” (step 4 in the picture)

Do not select “ AddCrLf ” on the sscom tool, or send the commands will fail.

sscom interface of MT710

Send Commands to Tracker

Now you can send the commands to GPS Tracker MT710.

  • Click “Start” until shows “ETS OK” (if no “ETS OK” click” Start” again).
  • Input the correct SIM Card APN and then click “SET APN”
  • Input the IP and Port and then click “IP/Port”
  • Select the matched network and click it ;
  • Choose working mode and click it and then the device will save all previous settings(apn, IP/Port, and working mode) and reboot.
MT710 Config tool video

1. Each time you start to setup the MT710 via sscom tool, have to click the “Start” command and until shows ‘ETS OK” (if no ETS OK try to click the “Start” again).

2. Once ” ETS OK” then you continue to send other commands.

3. At last remember to click the “Save and Exit” Command, or it will not save the previous settings.

3. Setup working mode the device will reboot, so once the device reboots you have to try the above step 1-3 commands again.

Commands List

ItemCommand formatExampleReply
Cat M1 OnlyNWM,3,0,2NWM,3,0,2NWM,OK
NB-IoT OnlyNWM,3,1,3NWM,3,1,3NWM,OK
GSM OnlyNWM,1,2,1NWM,1,2,1NWM,OK
NB-IoT BandBAND,0,band,fBAND,0,20,fBAND,OK
Cat M1 BandBAND,band,0,fBAND,12,0,fBAND,OK
Mode 0MODE,0,T1,T2MODE,0,60,1MODE,OK
Mode 2MODE,2,T,X,YMODE,2,10,1,1MODE,OK
Mode 5MODE,5,T,X,YMODE,5,5,0,1MODE,OK
TCP Protocol800,TCP800,TCP800,OK
UDP Protocol800,UDP800,UDP800,OK
Set HeartbeatHBC,THBC,5HBC,OK
Read Config infoRCONFRCONF
MT710 USB config commands list


I can’t find the com port number on sscom tool, what happens?
Make sure the “GPS Driver” is installed on your PC. If installed and then check if connect the tracker with the USB Config cable and NOT the Charging cable.
When I click the command on sscom and why does it reply “804 FS”?
If you send “ETS” and reply ETS OK, but click other command and it replies FS, Please check as follows:

1. Please check if the command format is wrong, remove any blank or space and try again
2. Remove the “AddCrLf” as the following image and try again.

3. If still fail please contact us at info@mictrack.com
Why do I get the alert “USB Device not recognized”?
If get the alert when you connect the USB cable to the PC, please check if you use the MT710 Config cable (this is the customized cable not standard)

The MT710 ONLY works with the Config cable.
The USB Config cable is connected and tries to send the command but no response?
Once connected to the cable, please notice for each time you have to click “start” first and wait for a reply “ETS OK” (click it again if no reply “ETS OK”) and then click other commands, and lastly do not forget to send the “Save and Exit” command, or all the settings will not save once device reboot.

For example:
if just change the apn, the commands are:
Start (ETS OK)
APN (803 OK)
Save and Exit (QTS OK)

If just change the IP and port the commands are:
Start (ETS OK)
IP/Port  (804 OK)
Save and Exit (QTS OK)
The device can not get the network and always show the error “CSQ 99“?
To access the network the SIM Card APN is very important if apn is wrong not apn is not setup, the tracker will not access the network, so please make sure apn is correct and then setup apn via sscom tool.
If APN is correct please confirm your sim card support CAT M1, NB-IoT, or both. and then lock to CAT M1 or NB-IoT, and then reboot the tracker. If still fail, please contact us
The device show sim card error how to fix it?
If so maybe the sim card installs wrong, please remove the sim card and insert the sim card again (notice the sim card direction and make the chip face up
How do I query the current setting?
There are two ways to check the settings:
1. SMS command: *RCONF#1##
2. USB command: RCONF,1
Updated on November 2, 2022

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